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Internet and email access are an essential (and expensive) resource in any company. An email system is critical to business communications, and Internet access is a vital tool. Both are only effective when managed properly. An effective internet solution must be reliable, responsive, flexible, and easy to manage.

Scrat is Funky Penguin's Internet gateway solution. Scrat provides and manages your internet and email access.




qmail-LDAP server

qmail is a modern SMTP server which makes sendmail obsolete, written by Dan Bernstein, who also has a web page for qmail. qmail is a secure package.

A number of large Internet sites are using qmail: Hotmail's outgoing mail (although Microsoft thinks they're going to transition to W2K), USA.net's outgoing email, Address.com, Rediffmail.com, Colonize.com, Yahoo! mail, Network Solutions, Verio, MessageLabs (searching 20M emails/week for malware) - www.qmail.org

Scrat runs qmail-ldap. qmail-ldap is a patch to regular qmail, which allows account information to be stored in an LDAP database. qmail-ldap supports native clustering of email servers, with encrypted transfer of emails between cluster servers.


Web interface for creation / modification of email accounts

Scrat makes use of a web interface (phpQLAdmin) for the creation and maintenance of email accounts. Instead of manually editing configuration files, the following can be performed with a few clicks of a mouse, from any web browser:

  • Add a new email account / alias
  • Test an email account
  • Delete an email account
  • Change a password
  • Change mailing list subscriptions


Mailing list system with web interface

Scrat includes Sympa, a fully-featured mailing list server. Use it to create mailing lists for internal use (salesreps@yourcompany.com), or externally for customers (newsletters@yourcompany.com). Have control over memberships, bounces, subscriptions, etc.


Searchable LDAP global address list

Because all Scrat's email account details are stored in an LDAP database, your users are able to search for email addresses from within their LDAP-capable email client. (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, etc.)


Worldwide access to email, via webmail interface

It's often convenient to access your work email from home, or when travelling. Scrat includes the IMP webmail system to securely access your email from anywhere, anytime.


Block email viruses, spam, and inappropriate content (movies, etc)

Using a customized email filtering system, Scrat will scan incoming emails for viruses. Additionally, Scrat can block emails based on attachment type (movies, executable files, mp3s), file size, filename, etc. Exceptions to these blocks can be made on a per-user basis. Blocked emails can be "released" via a web interface.


Monitor email usage / abuse

Scrat will help you to manage your email system by providing detailed email usage reports.


Block inappropriate services, such as Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Kazaa and ICQ

Depending on your internet usage policy, you likely don't want your users consuming your internet bandwidth chatting on IRC, or downloading files on P2P systems. Scrat can block access to such services, on a per-user basis if need be.


Customize internet access priviledges, based on site, time or IP address

Scrat will grant your users internet access, based on time, site, and IP address. For example, you may have a rather strict policy during business hours, but allow your users to download files after hours.


Monitor internet activity, on a per-user, per-site basis

Scrat allows you to analyse your company's internet surfing activities, from basic access statistics, to a list of every URL visited by every user.