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A Funky New Year to all our clients! Here's what we've got planned for this year:

Until recently, we've been using a heavily-patched version of AMaViS for content-scanning on our email systems. With viruses increasing in sophistication, and the ever-increasing annoyance of spam, we're planning on switching to qmail-scanner. The primary advantages would be seamless integration with ClamAV (below) and SpamAssassin, as well as qmail-scanner's modular design. qmail-scanner is actively maintained, whereas our patched version of AMaViS is now rather old and klunky.

ClamAV is an open-source (free!) virus-scanner, using the virus definitions from OpenAntiVirus.org - We hope to integrate ClamAV with qmail-scanner to provide for email virus-scanning, thus eliminating our need for commercial (expensive!) linux virus scanners.

Jabber IM
IM (Instant Messaging - Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN, etc.) has become hugely popular in the corporate workplace. It's more real-time than email, and less formal. Implemented and used correctly, IM can greatly enhance productivity and communication, both internally and externally.

Faxing from the desktop
Using a combination of samba, hylafax, and apache, we've set up a SMBFAX system. Send faxes from any networked desktop, without installing complicated drivers, port monitors, etc. Automatically print and email incoming faxes, in PDF, or JPG format.

Our new website is up! It's rather skimpy at present, but it's here! :)